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Monday, July 23, 2007

Russian River Camping

Well, it's hardly camping. I managed to somehow squeeze in a vacation in the middle of the summer, so I'm up on the Kern river in Healdsburg with my fam for a family reunion. It's SO relaxing up here. All we do is float down the river on rafts and innertubes, play ping pong, watch movies and hang out in the jacuzzi. Here's a couple pics:

My cousin David and his wife Olga are here from the Ukraine, rented a cute little convertable, but still treat it like a truck.

This is my cousins daughter Tori, she's such a ham, and I can't get enough pics of her.

And this is Christian, who lives across the street from the house we're staying in. He has this English Mastiff that weighs 175 lbs.!!! He's seriously ENORMOUS!

1 comment:

Sarah McAllister said...

omg...haven't checked your blog in far too've been BUSY!!!! Crazy kid. Anyways, good talking the other day for a bit. I think I'm gonna be flying down later this fall to check out FIDM in L.A. so I'll let you know when and maybe we can chill for a day or something. fun times. ttyl. ~Sarah